Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker


is a tool for creative people, photographers, bloggers. Tell your stories beautifully. For Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, VK.

Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker

An App That You'll Love

Vostok is an app that combines passion of people to share photos and stories from their lives. Cooperation with well-known bloggers and photographers helped us to create a truly beautiful application. Our passion for minimalism helped us to make Vostok understandable and easy.

Made With Love

We developed an application in a picturesque place in the capital of the 2014 Olympic Games - in Sochi.

Regular Updates

We regularly release updates to keep up to date with new technologies and want to make the Vostok app even better.

Newest technologies

Development is conducted in Swift 5 with support for the latest versions of iOS and iPhones.

Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker

Simple & Clean

The best ever app, for you. You're just a moment away from installing this app.

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Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker Vostok - Stories Editor and Collage Maker

Quick Use

We have made the application as simple as possible so that you can quickly use it in difficult conditions.

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100+ unique templates. Find the collection that best reflects your style.


100+ Awesome Stickers. Hand-drawing stickers and torn-paper stickers.

No subscription or advertising

The app does not provide subscription so we will not annoyingly ask you to subscribe.

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Just download Vostok and start creating stories.

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Our amazing app makes it easy to work with stories and makes them more attractive.

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